Insurance & Billing

Billing and Payment Policies

Kesling Home Health Care accepts assignment from Medicare and most other insurance companies on behalf of their patients for services provided. All Medicare Part “B” claims are filed electronically. Once Medicare or other primary insurance has been billed and their portion has been paid, Kesling Home Health Care will bill supplemental insurances and the patient for any unpaid portion.

*All patient’s are responsible for understanding their own insurance policy. If your insurance policy has a deductible or co-pay you are responsible for the financial responsibility associated with that policy.



 Kesling Home Health Care may accept Medicare Part “B” assignment, billing Medicare directly for 80% of the allowed amount and billing the beneficiary or supplemental insurance for the balance. The deductible is taken as Medicare processes them, not necessarily according to service date.

Private Insurance

 Kesling Home Health Care may bill private insurance upon verification and approval of coverage status and medical justification. The client is responsible for providing all necessary insurance information. Presentation of your insurance card and personal identification are required when billing insurance companies.


 Kesling Home Health Care will provide equipment to Medicaid recipients upon verification and approval of coverage status and medical justification. Presentation of your State Benefits ID and personal ID will be required.

Managed Care

 Kesling Home Health Care will, upon approval and authorization from the managed care provider, accept assignment of managed care claims for processing once all appropriate identification has been established.

 * There is a possibility of insurance denial on all equipment. 1.5% interest will be applied on balances on and over 90 days. The customer assumes responsibility to pay any collection cost incurred to collect the amount balance including reasonable attorney’s fees for unpaid balances. Upon signing out any equipment, you agree to pay your invoices that are incurred.