Oxygen Therapy and Nebulizers

Oxygen Therapy

Kesling Home Health Care is proud to serve Cass County and the surrounding area for all oxygen therapy needs. At Kesling Home Health Care we offer home oxygen with the Invacare Homefill portability system. This allows you to fill your own portable tanks right at home! Tell your doctor that you want Kesling’s.

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Traveling? No problem! We have portable concentrators available for the low rental rate of $10.00 per day! Call to reserve yours today! Click, download and print the travel documents and the rental agreement form below.*Must be current Kesling’s patient and have a current account balance.

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Kesling’s Rental Agreement   portable concentrator

Airline Travel Document   port o2 eclipse

Airline Travel Document   POC precision medical



Nebulizers may be billable to insurance with a qualifying physician’s order and insurance information. Most insurance companies only cover one nebulizer every five years. 



Pulse Oximeter

Fingertip pulse oximeters are a great and easy way to self check your oxygen level at home or on-the-go. These are private pay items and not billable to insurance. These make great gifts!