Self Care

Self Care

Self care items are private pay items. At Kesling Home Health Care our inventory is always growing and changing. What is shown on the website is only a small sample of items we offer. If there is an item you are looking for that you do not see on our website, please call and we can let you know if it’s in stock. If not, we are happy to see if we can order it for you!



Peddlers and hand exercisers are private pay items and not billable to insurance. Digital peddlers are great for building arm and leg strength and hand exercisers come in  varied strengths and shapes. 



Sock Aids

Sock aids can be very beneficial for anyone that has an injury or inability that makes it difficult for them to don socks or compression stockings. These are private pay items and not billable to insurance. The first sock aid shown is great for regular socks and the second item shown is a great sock aid for compression socks or regular socks. 

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Dressing Aids

Dressing aids are private pay items and not billable to insurance. These are great items for someone following a surgery or anyone who would like to be more independent while getting dressed. Below items are: shoehorn, dressing stick, elastic shoe laces, grabber and hip kit (includes grabber, handled sponge, sock aid, shoehorn, dressing stick, white and black elastic shoe laces).  *The hip kit makes a great gift for the holidays!

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